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Rainfall Rate Gauge

Augur tipping bucket rainfall rate gauge is a representative rainfall rate gauge. It complies with all requirements of most countries.

Product Structure

Augur tipping bucket rainfall rate gauge comprises rainfall collector, filter, diversion funnel, tipping bucket components, bucket supporting structure, angle adjuster, reed pipe, signal output, base, base support structure and stainless bucket.

Product Key Features

1.Tipping bucket is a 3D streamline design with diversion funnel with good design, water directing ability and easy maintenance.

2.Reed pipe structure comprises two reed pipes. One for calculation on the spot and the other for remote signaling.

3.The bucket has been tilted to the best angle in the factory for each customer with the location information. This will provide easy installation for customers on site.


Rainfall collector diameter, φ200mm

Collector angle 40〫~45〫

Resolution 0.5mm

Accuracy ≤±2%

Rainfall rate range 0.01mm~4mm/min(max 8mm/min)

Signaling Method: double touch points signal output

Operating environment: temperature 0~50℃ and humidity <95%(40℃)

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