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Electronic Water Level Gauge

Augur electronic water level gauge deploys stainless steel shell, sealed with high corrosion resistance material. It is suitable severe condition like under highly corrosive, low temperature environments.

Product Structure

Data sensor collection module comprises a number of collection circuits. Every circuit has a collection chip with 8 electrodes arranged in standard distance to measure water levels. With advanced ARM chip as controller, the module will then check every electrode on each circuit to measure the water level. The module could be combined with RS485 communication, 4~20mA analog output, GPRS or other communication modules. It has high reliability and anti-interference ability to suit for all types of environment.

Product Key Features

1.Industry standard compliance with patents.

2.Low power consumption: max power ≤1.5W under wireless communication or 0.5W under wired communication, one full month operation in raining days with solar power panel and battery.

3.Standard accuracy measurement: multi-section measurement with standard accuracy of 0.5/1cm in the entire measurement span.

4.Easy maintenance: supports remote parameter setting, remote upgrade.

5.Expandable measurement span: Measurement span could be expanded with multiple section connected.

6.Wide interface portability: Adaptable to various main stream software under Modbus.

Products Advantages

  DLH-ULevel Other Devices in the Market
Core ARMcortex-M3,32位,64Kflash 8/16 digits
Output Wired:RS485/4-20mA
Wireless:GPRS/CDMA/3G, 4G, Zigbee, NB-IoT, eLTE-IoT
Only wired:485/4~20mA
Anti-Interference Ability Multi section collection with advanced algorithm, stable Easily interfered by electromagnetic field and humidity fluctuation
Cloud Provide cloud support w/o
APP Supports bluetooth connectivity w/o

Industry applications

Augur electronic water level gauge could be utilized to monitor water level at urban streets low-lying areas, city used water treatment plants and other municipal service projects sites. It could also monitor water level at rivers, lakes, water reservoirs, hydropower stations, irrigation areas and other hydraulic engineering projects.



Sensor Length:120cm (Adjustable)

Measurement Distance:Customizable with single sensors length.


Data Output:RS485 (Modbus-RTU) / 4~20mA / GPRS / CDMA / 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, eLTE-IoT

Data Collection Frequency:3~20s Adjustable


Power:Wireless≤1.5W; Wired≤0.5W

Operating Temperature:-20℃~60℃


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