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With developments in the past decades and years, many cities have already had a digital planning platform being well maintained. It supported the daily planning management and made progress on various improvements in planning work.

However, along with urbanization, cities are facing more and more so called urban diseases which challenge safety, livability and continuous development of the cities. Building smart cities has been recognized as a new solution to tackle these urban diseases. As a main part of the solution, smart urban planning will have to coordinate and develop all the six aspects covering economic development, social balance concern, ecosystem, urban formation, infrastructure and culture. In order to realize smart planning, not only does it need creativity on concepts and methods, it also requires creativity on information technology. Currently, the digital planning platform is not sufficient to cope with these changes.

Smart urban planning platform is a smarter platform on top of current digital platform with following four key points:

(1)Standardized format.

(2)Synchronized information and sharing.

(3)Deep sensing and analysis.

(4)Smart judgement based on big data.

In the past few years, Augur has made numerous progress on research and solution design, combining GIS, cloud computing, big data and modeling technology. With vast experience and ready products across different fields, we look forward to collaboration with city planning departments to make a role model of smart city urban planning.


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